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Hi, this is my first post here and is a short one:   Is possible to use MS SQLServer 2012 as the database for a ThingWorx installation? If yes, what kind of issues/bugs we can found if we proceed…
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Hi there,   I am quite new in Thingworx world. I have kepware and thingworx connected and I can see values changing in a mashup. My next step is displaying data in a chart in real time, I mean I…
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Hi, I am looking for information about Security and Identity Management for IoT. What protocols are supported? What cipher suites are supported? Which hash algorithms are supported? Where can I find…
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Hi,   While installing the thingworx analytics server 8.0 in local i got the following error(screenshot attached). Is there any workaround for this docker issue?
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Currently being halted by a 503 Error for Thingworx Compose for 2nd day in a row. Any idea when server will be back up and running?
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I am planning to use AB suite for the old AB PLC (PLC 5/40) which is using DF1 protocol. I would like to know whether PLC software and Kepware software can co-exist in PC as both of them will be…
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使用增强现实功能的时候 用tingmark 发布模型总是失败不知道是什么原因?
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