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Hello   I want to localize the return of a function depending of the current language of the session of the connected user.   Everything is ok with the labels inot mashups using the "localization…
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We have about 8 or 10 Kepservers communicating to ThingWorx (and have for several months), and recently started having regular crashes(multiple times a day) of Tomcat in our production environment.…
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Hey there.   I  am using the Thingworx Trial Edition (120days) and have created a mashup. My question is now: how is it possible to access this mashup if I am on a remote network? Does it matter if…
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Finally there is an article which combines all of the available resources on certificate configuration to better enable developers to complete their production-worthy edge devices. Please see the…
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Hi,   I have created a thing with 4 property S1 , S2, S3 & TC from hardware device. Am logging the data to my value stream. Now I have to extract particular data using timestamp. For Ex: S1 S2 S3…
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Hi All,   I'm experiencing a problem with getting a sequence to play in a HoloLens experience.   I've created a simple 4 step sequence in the PVZ file and I've tried two different things to get it…
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I presume this section is for product feedback. That is not clear from the page or content.   So much of the Thingworx installation process consists of copying and pasting paths, from documentation…
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