Autumn is a time for change, which is why today we’re excited to announce a number of enhancements to the ThingWorx Community to help you all create, connect, and collaborate on your smart, connected projects in better ways than ever. Here are some highlights of the recent changes we've made:


New navigation and overview page design




The biggest change you'll notice is an improved overview page and streamlined main navigation at the top of every page. You'll notice we've moved many of the links you use the most within the main navigation, here's a quick breakdown of where you can find your favorite spots:


  • News - find out what's going on across all the spaces you follow on the Activity page
  • Browse - discover Content, People, and Places within the community to find out what's interesting to you
  • Connect - here's where you can find our four main content spaces for Developers, Customers, Partners, and our Academic program members
  • Get Help - we've added some support resources under this menu, including links to connect with our Technical Support team and documentation to assist those of you just starting out with the ThingWorx platform


Increased focus on streams and notifications




Over the next few weeks you’ll see some updated documentation and blog posts from our community management team (me!) about how you can stay up to date with the latest activity within the places that matter to you by Following people, places, and content within the community. We'll also review how to create Custom Streams and leverage your Community Inbox to send updates from the community directly to your email inbox.


We’ve moved some spaces around




Both the Developer Community and Academic Community have moved from 'groups' to new 'spaces' with a new look and feel, leveraging the "Activity" page as the default destination for new visitors. This was the first in a series of changes we'll be introducing to migrate some of our more prominent places within the community into officially support 'spaces' in an effort to give the site a noticeable structure and hierarchy. I'll have more information about these changes moving forward in this blog, so make sure to hit "Follow" on the Community Hub.


Here's the (unfortunate) catch. If you were previously following either the Developer Community (formerly the Tech Forum group) or the Academic Community (formerly the PTC IoT Academic group) you'll need to "Follow" the new space destinations to continue getting updates on the newest activity While we were successfully able to migrate the content within these spaces there was no option for us to migrate all of your Following settings. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Lastly, as a result of this content migration you may have notice that all the content within these spaces was reset with a "Latest Activity" date of today. This again was out of our control, but we're confident that as more activity comes into the community that we'll begin to see the latest content rise to the top of these activity pages.


Introducing dedicated space to discuss the ThingWorx Community


Speaking of the Community Hub... this is now the new destination we've setup to discuss the ThingWorx Community website including updates and getting your feedback on how we can improve and grow the site. As I mentioned previously, this will be the space for discussions and documentation about ThingWorx Community moving forward and I'm excited to begin discussing our plans for the site in the coming weeks.


Got feedback or a question for our team? Feel free to start a new discussion within the Community Hub for us to review.


Enhancements and other notes:


  • We're now running the latest version of our Jive community software (7.0.4) that allows us to take advantage of all the latest enhancements and bug fixes. While the majority of these fixes have occurred the background we're confident this update will streamline our ability to manage and promote the community.
  • We've removed the login gate for browsing the ThingWorx Community, which means you can now view any page (with the exception of permission-gated spaces and groups) and can use your same login credentials to participate in the content. The best part of this enhancement is that we will now be indexed by search engine which means future visitors will be able to search Google and Bing for answers to their ThingWorx questions, and continue the conversation here.
  • To cut down on the amount of content incorrectly posted as Blog entries instead of Discussions we've restricted access to create content within space Blogs (Developers and Academic) to ThingWorx Employees. Registered members will still be able to view, comment, and rate blog content, and retain the use of blogs within social groups. Our hope is that these blogs will serve as a platform for the ThingWorx team to create news and announcements about what we're working on and the latest releases of the ThingWorx platform.


Looking forward to next steps as we continue to grow and nurture this emerging developer community. I'll take any questions or feedback you have in the comments section below.