Now that we're "out in the world" as a publicly indexed destination for group collaboration it's important to understand that with that benefit comes some inherent risks. One the the biggest is the proliferation of spam content in online communities like ours. I'd like to tell you a little bit about how we protect against this and how you can help by notifying the ThingWorx Community management team when you see any spam content. With the upgrade to Jive 7.0.4 we're taking advantage of the latest tools to moderate against spammers and here are some of the enhancements we've enabled to bolster our spam prevention:


Enabling Content Moderation

Using the built-in status points system we've enabled a rule where all content posted by new users with less than 5 points on ThingWorx Community will be automatically routed into our Moderation Queue. Our team has committed to review this queue closely so that genuine content by new members does not linger for long and plan to lift this restriction once we have better measures in place.


We’ve also made sure that users who are set up in distinct roles and groups within PTC Community such as our PTC Employees, Partners, and support-enabled Customers pass right by these enhanced moderation restrictions.


Keyword Interceptors

In taking some lessons from the PTC Community we've been able to find select keywords and phrases used in the majority of the offending spam posts. We have added these to our moderation process, for example all content containing the phrase “casino” in the Korean language (a popular spam keyword) will now be placed into our Moderation Queue.


Account Authentication

There is also an ongoing project between ThingWorx Community management, Technical Support and Information Technology about adding a two-factor authentication step to our account registration flow. This project is still ongoing and I will update everyone here if we make any changes to the account registration process.


See something suspicious?


If you see any questionable content, flag it by selecting the "Report abuse" link under "Actions" on the right-hand side of the page. When two members report a piece of content as abusive it immediately goes into our content moderation queue and is removed from the general view. Our moderators will review the content and make a judgement call on whether it is indeed spam or a valid post.


Thanks for helping keep our community clean, please let me know if you have any questions about these tools or policies in the comments below.