Background: In very rare situations, it is possible that the Firewall-Friendly Agent process may stop running. If the Agent is not running, no machine monitoring or communication with the Cloud Server is possible.


Recommendation: WatchDog is a little known yet very helpful feature available with Firewall-Friendly Agents. This program lets you monitor whether an Agent is running; if it’s not running, WatchDog can restart that Agent if needed. If the Agent process fails, WatchDog can bring it back up!


WatchDog can also be configured to watch other processes. You can configure WatchDog to run as a service (for Windows) or daemon (for Linux).


You will register the Watchdog to run as a service.  The Watchdog configuration file will specify the process(es) to be monitored and what to do when one exits. The options are to attempt to restart the process or to restart the system.


Note: Watchdog detects only if a watched process exits. It will not detect or report on processes that may be “hanging”.


Need more information? For information about configuring and using WatchDog, see the Agent User’s Guide for your Agent: either Axeda® Platform Axeda® Gateway User’s Guide (PDF) or Axeda® Platform

Axeda® Connector User’s Guide (PDF).