Thingworx provides the capability to use JDBC to connect to Relational Databases.

What would be the steps to take?

1. Find the proper JDBC JAR file, this can be easily located by keeping in mind your database and its version and doing an online search.

2. Download the JDBC Extension Creator from the Marketplace

3. Follow the instructions to create the actual JDBC extension you will be using

4. Create a Thing based on the ThingTemplate from the JDBC extension - This represents your actual connection to the database

5. Set up the configuration:

     a. Connection String - Usually I use to find that

     b. Validation String - This has to be a VALID SQL statement within the context of the database you are connecting to (Like SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL for Oracle)

     c. Proper User Name and Password as defined in the database you are connecting to


7. To check if you are properly connected, go back into Edit mode and go to Services, create a new SQL Query or Command and check Tables and Columns Tab. Actual Tables should show up now.

8. If it doesn't work, check your application log.