For those of you that aren't aware - the newest version of the Eclipse Plugin for Extension Development was made available last week in the ThingWorx Marketplace here.


Because of the infancy of the product, there is not an official process for supplying release notes along with the plugin.  These are not official or all encompassing, but cover the main items worked on for 7.0.


New Features:

  1. Added Configuration Table Wizard for code generation
  2. SDK Javadocs now automatically linked to SDK resources on project creation
  3. When creating a Service, Trace logging statements are generated inside of it (along with appropriate initializers)
  4. ThingWorx Source actions are now available from right click menu within a .java file


  1. Fixed problem where some BaseTypes are not uppercase in annotations when generating code
  2. Fixed error when Creating and importing Extension Projects when the Eclipse install has a space in the file path
  3. Fixed inconsistent formatting in the metadata.xml when adding new Entities

We are hoping to have a more official Release Note process for the next release.  Feel free to reply with questions or concerns.