The 7.1 version of the Eclipse Plugin has been released and is now available for download from the Marketplace hereThis release includes features like Gradle Project Support and Code Generation wizards for Events and Subscription and a lot more.


Other Important Notes:

  • A full set of Release Notes have been compiled into a document that is now available for download directly from the Marketplace page that I linked to above (the Eclipse Plugin Marketplace download page).  This document includes all previous release notes in it as well.
  • The Extension SDK is now available for download from the Marketplace here.  It is no longer necessary to go to the PTC support download page to get the latest Extension SDK. Older versions will still need to be downloaded from the PTC support page.
  • The Extension Developers Guide has been revamped.  This is also available for download, next to the release notes, from the Eclipse Plugin download page in the Marketplace.  We added a lot of missing material and tried to elaborate in areas that were not clear.  It is still a work in progress, but has been improved significantly.


We made a significant effort to try and compile everything into one area so that we can help keep extension developers as productive as possible.  Hopefully the changes made will have a positive effect for everyone.


Thanks to everyone here in the community for the great feedback and suggestions on how we can make ThingWorx Extension development easier!  It is greatly appreciated by ThingWorx development.  Keep the great ideas coming!