Developing a truly connected world requires billions of smart sensor, advanced analytics that learns to analyze the data in new ways, and user friendly applications to bring all the benefits of IoT to the user. Elisa Innovation Challenge invites you and your team to develop new IoT solutions that will make the world smarter.

The Innovation Challenge has two different categories for consumer and business applications:


Smart Home Challenge: Consumers use several connected products every day but smart homes are still waiting for breakthrough innovations. What solutions will drive the adoption of IoT in households?

IoT Challenge: Companies are adopting IoT and digitalization at an increasing rate and demand for new IoT applications grows rapidly. Every function of a company, whether it is R&D or business management, will have to utilize data collected with IoT to stay competitive. How can companies deploy IoT in their business and what will be the leading applications?


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Elisa is a Finnish telecommunications, ICT and online service company serving 2.3 million consumer, corporate and public administration organization customers. To inspire teams to develop new IoT solutions, Elisa organized an Innovation Challenge in 2015. The challenge was a great success that offered unique experiences and opportunities to competitors and to Elisa. Because the challenge was so successful, a new and bigger Innovation Challenge will be organized this year with two competition categories.