Often times to set up our environment securely, we will assign Entity Type permissions, which is much easier then to remember to assign it to every single ThingShape, ThingTemplate, Thing etc.

However did you know that these security settings only export when doing an Export to ThingworxStorage?

So you either must maintain a list of these settings and re-apply them when starting on a new environment or:


1. Set up your Groups (and Users although hopefully all permissions you set up are assigned to Groups as a Best Practice)

2. Set up your Entity Type Permissions

3. Create an Export using Export to ThingworxStorage and export everything


Now you have an import ready any time you need to deploy Thingworx anew.


NOTE: Obviously this means you need to maintain that export any time changes are made to those permissions, unfortunately that also means another export of ALL which can be less desirable, since it can include Test objects unfinished items etc. As such one may have to maintain some local instance to keep a clean Import/Export.