Putting this out because this is a difficult problem to troubleshoot if you don't do it right.


Let's say you have an application where you have visibility permissions in effect.

So you have Users group removed from the Everyone Organization


Now you have a Thing "Thing1" with Properties that are being logged to a ValueStream "VS1"


What do you need to make this work?

Obviously the necessary permissions to Write the values to the Thing1 and read the values from Thing1 (for UI)


But for visibility what you'll need is:

Visibility to Thing1 (makes sense)

Visibility to the Persistence Provider of the ValueStream VS1 !!!!

Nope you don't need Visibility to the ValueStream itself, but you DO need Visibility to the Persistence Provider of that ValueStream


The way the lack of this permission was showing in the Application Log was a message about trying to provide a Null value.