Since there have been discussions regarding SNMP capabilities when using the ThingWorx platform, I have made a guide on how you can manage SNMP content with the help of an EMS.


Library used: SNMP4J - http://www.snmp4j.org/


Purpose: trapping SNMP events from an edge network, through a JAVA SDK EdgeMicroServer implementation then forwarding the trap information to the ThingWorx server.

Background: There are devices, like network elements (routers, switches) that raise SNMP traps in external networks. Usually there are third party systems that collect this information, and then you can query them, but if you want to catch directly the trap, you can use this starter-kit implementation.

Attached to this blog post you can find an archive containing the source code files and the entities that you will need for running the example, and a document with information on how to setup and run and the thought process behind the project.



Andrei Valeanu