The ThingWorx Platform is fully exposed using the REST API including every property, service, subsystem, and function.  This means that a remote device can integrate with ThingWorx by sending correctly formatted Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests. Such an application could alter thing properties, execute services, and more.


To help you get started using the REST API for connecting your edge devices to ThingWorx, our ThingWorx developers put together a few resources on the Developer Portal:


  • New to developing with ThingWorx? Use our REST API Quickstart guide that explains how to: create your first Thing, add a property to your Thing, then send and retrieve data.

REST API Quickstart Guide - Developer Portal.png

  • Advanced ThingWorx user? This new REST API how-to series features instructions on how to use REST API for many common tasks, incl. a troubleshooting section.

REST API how to guides - Developer Portal.png

  • Use ThingWorx frequently but haven’t learned the syntax by heart? We got you covered. The REST API cheat sheet gives details of the most frequently used REST API commands.

REST API Cheat Sheet - Developer Portal.png