1. Use Postman or any other software for Rest Api call to the ThingWorx.

2. Create a query in Postman with following parameters:

  1. Type: POST
  2. URL: https://<IP>:<PORT>/Thingworx/Users/<UserName>/Services/AssignNewPassword
    • <IP>: IP of the server where ThingWorx is installed.
    • <PORT>: Port on which ThingWorx is running (if required).
    • <UserName>: User Name of the user whom Password is to be reset.
  3. Headers:
    • appkey : Your Administrator App key or App key of user having Permission for AssignNewPassword Service for the user.
    • Content-Type: application/json
  4. Body:
    • {

3. Send the Query.

4. Login using new Password.