• There are multiples approaches to improve the performance
    • Increase the NetWork bandwidth between client PC and ThingWorx Server
    • Reduce the unnecessary handover when client submit requests to ThingWorx server through NetWork
  • Here are suggestions to reduce the unnecessary handover between client and server
    1. Eliminate the use of proxy servers between client and ThingWorx
      • It is compulsory to download Combined.version.date.xxx.xxx.js file when the first time to load mashup page (TTFB and Content Download time).
      • Loading performance is affected by using of proxy servers between client and ThingWorx Server.
        • This is testing result with proxy server set up
        • User-added image
      • This is the test result after eliminiating proxy server from the same environment
        • User-added image
    2. Cut off extensions that not used in ThingWorx server
      • After installed extensions, the size of Combined.version.date.xxx.xxx.js increased
    3. Avoid Http/Https request errors
      • User-added image
      • There is a https request error when calling Google map. It takes more than 20 seconds