As per ThingWorx Documentation:

Updating Properties Automatically in a Mashup

A mashup using the GetProperties service can be configured to use websockets and receive updates to properties automatically.

When creating or editing a mashup, you can configure the GetProperties service so that the properties are automatically updated by selecting the Automatically update values when able checkbox in the service properties panel.


So, the feature to update Properties Automatically in a Mashup is limited to GetProperties service only.


Following are the steps to invoke our own custom Service automatically when a property change:

1. Find all the Properties in your Thing for which the DataChange should trigger the custom service.

2. In mashup; add value display widget (or some other widgets) for each property in Step1.

3. Bind the properties from GetProperties service to these widget.

4. Set visible property of these widgets to false so that they don't show up at the RunTime.

5. Now bind the ServiceInvokeCompleted event of GetProperties Service to your custom Service.

6. Save and view Mashup.


Result: When any of the Property from Step1 is changed; Custom Service will be invoked in our Mashup.