Unless created and owned by the Administrator user, by default MySQL Database Thing will not connect to the database as it requires certain permissions on the user.

In order for a user other than an administrator to create a working database thing, they need three permissions (in addition to the typical subsystem and resource permissions - refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzFqxvgHtpI&index=8&list=PLz1ppcU_kaneagUT9qgQfz3HByf6-9zTF



  • Visibility to the Database Thing Template.
  • Execute service permission on the EncryptPropertyValue service in the Encryption Services resource.
  • Visibility to the DatabaseThing Thing Package.


Typically to track down permissions issue, the most convenient and easy way is to use browser developer tools. For example in Chrome, developer tools can be used to view the API calls being sent by Composer, and the errors sent in response.   ThingWorx Composer doesn’t expose Thing Packages, so in order to set visibility to the DatabaseThing Thing Package, one would need to throw a REST API call at it.


Hope this information helps in setting up a non-administrator own MSSQL database thing!


*In addition refer to The use of System User