• Connection server + InfluxDB + Grafana work together can display connection server metrics in graphic charts
  1. Download and set up connection server
  2. Download InfluxDB and configure InfluxDB
    1. edit <influxdb home>\influxdb.conf file
      • Note: [admin] is InfluxDB admin login page, [http] is Grafana connected settings, [graphite] is connection server connected settings
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      • Run influxd.exe file with below commands (windows cmd)
        • <path>/influxd -config <path>/influxdb.conf
      • Run influx.exe file with below commands (in my case the port is 8008)
        • <path>/influx -port 8008
    2. Start connection server
    3. Login to InfluxDB by using URL http://localhost:8018. Choose Database graphite and Query SHOW MEASUREMENTS
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      • Note: There should be many connection server metrics
    4. Double click grafana-server.exe file (<path>/grafana-4.2.0.windows-x64/grafana-4.2.0/bin)
    5. Login to Grafana with URL http://localhost:3000
      • The default login username and password is admin/admin
      1. Create a new Data Source
        • Note: Type, Url and Database properties are required.
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        • Save & Test. If the connection is set up successfully, there should be a green message pop-up.
      2. Create a new dashboard
        • Add a new Row, and set up its metrics by create new querys
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    6. Sample result:
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