This article and the blog post provide information on the technical changes in Thingworx 8.0, New Technical Changes in ThingWorx 8.0.0

Here are some common questions and answers in regards to the change.


  • Is there any way that one could lose access to the Appkey keystore? (restore a backup, etc)
    • Yes, it is possible to  lose the key store. If one for some reason simply deletes it or renames it, the existing application keys would no longer be able to be decrypted - thus unusable.
  • Is there a way to back up the appkey store and any necessary secrets such that it can be recovered then?
    • Yes, but this would be handled at the file system, not inside of ThingWorx. We do have some best practices documented for managing the keystore.
  • For developers who configure Edge applications and Connectors to connect to the platform, where do they copy the app key from? Are they copyring the encrypted version of the app key?
    • They would do the same as before. We are not encrypting the app key in the UI, only on disk.
  • Is there any way to get a summary of appkeys that are being used via URL?
    • We do have some requirements for highlighting "repeat offenders". In 8.0, one can query the logs to find those app keys. We don't log the app key id, only the app key name.