Please refer to the release notes to find information on the new features/changes: PTC

Here are some common questions and answers in regards to the Installers feature:


  • Does that mean Thingworx 8 only support docker installation? Or standalone installation is still allowed?
    • Only if using the new installer.  The war file download will still be available for non Docker installs. The WAR files will still be available and usable  the same way as in the past.  Users only need to use Docker if they use the installer.
  • How do customers download/build the docker image?
    • The image is not provided separetly, it is installed and configured by the installer.
  • Does the installer install docker when necessary as well? Or is it expected that the user already has docker installed?
    • No, the user must install it on their operating system before using the installer.  The installer will detect if Docker is properly installed.