This blog post provide information on the technical changes in Thingworx 8.0, New Technical Changes in ThingWorx 8.0.0

Here are some common questions and answers in regards to the Licensing change:


  • Does that mean all the extensions in the marketplace won't be free anymore?
    • Depends on the extensions. The main extensions we are licensing for 8.0 are Navigate, Manufacturing and Utilties. We are not licensing the MailExtension on the marketplace, for example. Partners and customers can still import their custom apps/extensions
  • If TWX connects to RP(remote platform) which has its own subscription based Flexera license (InService, for example), how does this interaction works- license validation.  Is server to sever connection counts as user login direct to PTC product?
    • License files are per TWX instance. For RP, each would have their own license files. User counts (if entitled and enforced) are generic to each system.