Please refer to the release notes: PTC

Here are some common questions and answers in regards to the Uprade change:


  • Extension: The removal of dependencies was almost impossible. Do the changes allow extension updates without removal?
    • That is correct
  • Is uninstalling extensions "easier" possible? For example, having extensions with many dependencies which results in a struggle when manually deleting all include would be great to have just 1 uninstall function.
    • Unfortunately, that is still the case when one is uninstalling extension
  • Is there an easy way to see all entity dependencies on an extension (vs. on any one template etc)?
    • Not currently at the extension level.  That's certainly something to be considered adding
  • If one made a mistake on changing an extension mashup, how do  they recover? Is it necessary to remove and then import newer extension?
    • Yes, at the moment that is the only recourse.