With the new licensing introduction, it could get confusing at first on how to obtain and apply, especially with more than one app in place. This is an example on how to apply both foundation and manufacturing license when installing Thingworx 8.


1) Install Manufacturing App 8.0 and needed components (ex: Kepware) per  the guide with manufacturing app license - manufacturing app widget can now be accessed.

2) Accessing /Thingworx reports a licensing issue

3) Download Thingworx license from the license portal.

4) Rename the manufacturing app license.bin to <name>.bin and put Thingworx license.bin in the ThingworxPlatform folder.

5) Restart Thingworx service

6) Access /Thingworx and accept license agreement

7) Change license.bin back to the original manufacturing app license.bin (step 4)

8) Restart Thingworx server

9) Both manufacturing app and foundation functions are available.