• There is a test on connection server 7.2. With 4core CPU and 8GB memory, we sent 1000 http requests every second and there is 5% http request losted. After changing configuration for connection server, the lost rate drop to 0.86%.
  • Here are some suggestions to improve connection server performance
  1. Reset parameters in connection server configuration file cxserver.conf. (..\conf\cxserver.conf)
    • Adjust parameters max-connection-pool-size and max-wait-queue-size
    • User-added image
  2. Change the default JVM settings. (increase memory for JVM properly)
    • In this case, I created a new file named startMyConnectionServer.bat file with below code:
      • SET CONNECTION_SERVER_HOME=C:\connection-server-

      • SET JAVA_OPTS=-Xms2G -Xmx2G

      • %CONNECTION_SERVER_HOME%\bin\connection-server.bat

  3. Increase connection server's hardware (memory, CPU cores)