How to enable ThingWorx Performance Advisor


Applies To

  • ThingWorx 7.2+


  • How to enable ThingWorx Performance Advisor


  • In the ThingWorx Composer, go to Systems > Subsystems, select the PlatformSubsystem and choose Configuration
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  • In the Metrics Reporting Service Configuration
    • Select the "Enable Metrics Reporting" checkbox to activate Performance Advisor reporting
    • Enter your current PTC credentials (username and password) for either the customer support portal or the developer portal
  • After providing those details, use the Request button to request an Authorization Key.
  • Customer Number and Name will be filled automatically and an Authorization Key is generated which allows the server identifying itself to the PTC environment. Those fields are read-only.
  • ThingWorx is now ready to send Performance Advisor data and metrics to PTC
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