We are pleased to announce that the Expert Sessions video series is now available in the ThingWorx Community. We are kicking off this availability with a new space dedicated to these helpful technical videos. In the first round of videos, we are highlighting two ThingWorx Foundation videos that are designed to provide foundational knowledge to get you up and running on the ThingWorx IoT platform.


New Expert Sessions Available Now

Expert Session   ThingWorx Installation   YouTube.png

ThingWorx Foundation - Installation is an introduction to installing the ThingWorx platform. The video includes information on the environment, prerequisites, and configuration steps when installing ThingWorx, and includes walkthroughs of installing with H2 and PostgreSQL databases, an introduction and demonstration of the Linux installation script, solutions to common installation problems and more.


ThingWorx Foundation - Scalability talks about platform sizing with dependency on the type of environment and correlated scalability options. The video educates you about federation and high availability as well as provides visual diagrams to understand the architecture of different ThingWorx solutions.


What is an Expert Session?


Expert Sessions are focused, technical webcasts (both recorded and live) where PTC subject matter experts share knowledge and best practices on topics related to the design, development, deployment and operation of PTC software. Expert Sessions are designed using five categories: Get Started, Design, Develop, Deploy, and Operate.


Additional Expert Sessions will be highlighted here in the ThingWorx Community every few weeks. Visit the Online Success Guide to access our Expert Session videos at any time as well as additional information about ThingWorx training and services.