• Get Started with ThingWorx Analytics - New Expert Sessions

    The following Expert Session videos are now available for viewing within the ThingWorx Community: ThingWorx Analytics Installation - This Expert Session will walk you through the complete installation of ThingWorx...
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  • Install Thingworx Analytics Server7.4

    Hi,friends´╝ü     When I install Thingworx Analytics Server7.4 and run build-virtualbox.bat, I report the following error. How can I solve this problem? I hope to receive your reply as soon as possibl...
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  • Thingworx analytics

    Hi, We want to explore Thingworx Analytics. Do we need to have background of Data Science( Statistics using R etc) to learn and use Thingworx analytic?   Thanks Ravi
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  • Thing Predictor issue - Unable to deploy model from builder to manager

    Hi Team,   While working on Thing Predictor i am facing following issues - I am having - Thingworx Composer 8.0 - (License version deployed on Local machine ) Imported Thingworx analytics extensions (analytics bu...
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  • Unable to Install Thingworx Analytics Server 8.0 in AWS EC2 Windows server 2016

    Hi Team,   We have Thingworx Composer 8.0 deployed on AWS EC2 instance running Windows Server 2016. Thingworx composer is working fine as expected and our next step is to Install Thingworx Analytics server 8.0 o...
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  • ThingWorx Analytics Server installation: Can't validate Thingworx Foundation connection

    Hi,   I am trying to install Thingworx Analytics Server 8.1 on a Windows 10 VM using the docker installation process. While installing the analytics server, after entering the ThingWorx host and AppKey, I am get...
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  • Not able to install ThingWorx Analytics server 8.1 since Docker not supported for Windows 2012 R2.

    Hi,   I have been trying to install the analytics server 8.1 but the only option available for installing it is with Docker. However, I am not able to install docker for the Windows Server 2012 R2 (Virtual Machi...
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  • analytics error invoking serivce..

      I installed Thingworx 8.0 and analytics Server for windows10.   twx analytics setting and server configuration is success,   but dataset mashup and models new mashup has error for images..   ...
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  • Analytics

    Hi,   Can we multiple ThingWorx Core / Foundation 8.1 Connecting to one ThingWorx Analytics Standalone (Analytics includes Analytics Extension) 8.1?   if so, can you direct me to the documentation link to ...
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  • Example ThingWorx Analytics 8.1 Mashup

    Put together a quick example mashup in support of a couple of analytics projects to demonstrate use of the new TWX Analytics 8.1 APIs within TWX mashup builder. The intention here is for use in POCs to provide a quick...
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  • Thingworx 8.1 is not getting up in linux

    Thingworx 8.1 is not getting up in linux machine. What changes are required in the code to run the appKey in header??
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  • Multiple Thingworx Composers connecting to one Analytics

    Hi,   Can we have multiple Thingworx Composers 8.1 connecting to one Analytics Standalone 8.1 (This includes Analytics Extension) ?   If so, can someone provide the steps to perform this ?   Thanks, ...
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  • Anomaly Detection 8.0 –Part 3. Viewing Data via Anomaly Mashup

    Open video

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  • How to retrieve data for JSON

    Hi,   I need to retrieve data from JSON and store in datatable. JSON is having a multiple tags. Please refer a below JSON data. Please let me know if anyone have a solution for it. Thanks in advance.   {"...
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  • Issue with installation of Thingworx Analytics 8.0

    There is an issue when I install Thingworx Analytics 8.0 that is reproducible.  When it asks me to install  Docker community PostgreSQL 9.5 it fails.  I've tried this multiple times already and it still...
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  • Failure to deploy model

    hi ,        I am able to Start ThingPredictor agent and Connected to Thingworx server(8.0) and  .i can see my device connected in analysis providers connection in Analysis Manager  ...
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  • Starting & Stopping ThingWorx Analytics 8.1 (Native Linux Deployment)

    Preface  In this blog post, we will discuss how to Start and Stop ThingWorx Analytics, as well as some other useful triaging/troubleshooting commands. This applies to all flavors of the native Linux installation...
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  • Problem while Configuring Communication Settings in Analytics Builder

    Hi,   I am trying to install the Analytics extension in the Thingworx Analytics 8.1. While doing the Analytics Server Configuration, I am not able to find any AnalyticsServer thing in the AnalyticsGateway. Any s...
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  • How to score new data with ThingWorx Analytics ?

    The following is valid as of ThingWorx Analytics (TWA) 52.0.2 and below. Overview The main steps are as follow: Create a dataset Configure the dataset Upload data to the dataset Optimize the dataset Create filt...
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  • Mapping previous versions of ThingWorx Analytics API to ThingWorx Analytics 8.1 Services

    Mapping previous versions of ThingWorx Analytics API to ThingWorx Analytics 8.1 Services Since ThingWorx Analytics 8.1, the classic server monolith has been replaced by a series of independent microservices. ...
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