• Setting language table tokens via a script

    Hi, I know that there are run time localisation functions for retrieving a tokens value in different languages, but are there any services for setting a token value in various languages. I'm hoping to create a mash ...
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  • Get Image data from the edge

    Hi, could anyone suggest the best way to retrieve image data from a file on an edge device to display in a mashup?   We have some remote assets that have some image files residing on the edge. These image files...
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  • Viewing Remote Thing with File Transfer Virtual Directory in a Mashup.

    Hi,   I am following a guide to create a mashup that will allow me to transfer files to the Thingworx server from my local machine, and then also transfer them to a remote thing on the edge. I am using the Thing...
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  • Log In Screen Capabilities - Organization

    Hi, Will I be able to create a screen like bellow attached picture? If yes how do I create it? Please provide some help. Thanks, V.Shalini.
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  • Run VACUUM on postgreSQL from Thingworx?

    In our project we have maintained streams to store sensor data ingestes very frequently. Similarly we have different schedulers to purge or delete the older entries from streams.   Deleted rows will still there...
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  • How to make a chart work with data from a sensor

    I am very new to thingworx. For a school project I need to get info from a sensor, which I currently have set as just a number, to a chart/ graph. Currently on my mashup I can view my data as an led display or on a ga...
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  • How can I connect alert to mashup

    I have created a thing to detect the temperature. While displaying the temperature in mashup, I want to display an alert message everytime the temperature is in a certain range . I also want to deploy a colour accordi...
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  • How to transfer data from ThingWorx to Hadoop

    We want to transfer data (Postgres database) from Thingwrox to Hadoop. How  can we active this considering Thingworx will be in PCI zone so we cannot directly access database of Thingworx.   Please suggest.
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  • How to retrieve data for JSON

    Hi,   I need to retrieve data from JSON and store in datatable. JSON is having a multiple tags. Please refer a below JSON data. Please let me know if anyone have a solution for it. Thanks in advance.   {"...
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  • Install a Free SSL Certificate from Let's Encrypt in Thingworx

    I thought I would share how to install a valid signed certificate from a new Certifcate Authority called "Lets Encrypt" https://letsencrypt.org/   Important note: Some hardware vendors who supply products that m...
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  • Accesing Windchill folder contents

    Hi everyone,   We're attempting to create a simple applet in Thingworx that accesses our windchill repo. So far we've been able to create queries that can fetch our available container and folder types. However,...
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  • Expression: Multiple parameters not supporting for custom functions

    Using "Expressions" we are adding additional columns with values to the result datashape. For few columns we had to call services from other things which has multiple parameters but expressions is supporting only sing...
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  • How to connect Printer, Router etc with Thingwrox.

    Here I would like to know the standard secure method to connect agentless device like printer,Router, Switches etc in secure way. I know we can use SNMP protocol. But SNMP protocol is not secure. We also have SNMPv3 w...
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  • How to use QueryNamedPropertyHistory service with API call

    Hi community,   I've been trying to use the service; QueryNamedPropertyHistory() through an API call but not having any success. These are the details of my call:   Method: POST Url: http://xx-xxx-xxx-xx...
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  • Email body formatting

    Hi, this may be a bit of a simplistic question for some of you but I wanted to know how I can format the body text of the email alerts I send out. Currently I just use a plain text string, but it doesn't look particu...
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  • using Jenkins in Thingworx

    Do we have any related documents how we can use Jenkins with Thingworx. Which are we can implement through Jenkins.
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  • ThingWorx/Salesforce Integration

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone has successfully integrated ThingWorx with Salelsforce?   Specifically, using ThingWorx to populate data in SF or using ThingWorx alerts to trigger case creation.   If so, c...
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  • Quick reference notes on 7.4 licensing

    ThingWorx 7.4 introduces a new licensing system. A license file (license.bin) needs to be placed in the ThingworxPlatform folder. A new license file is also required if you upgrade from 7.4  to a major or minor r...
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  • Connect Kepware with TW Studio trial

    Community, I'm trying to connect Kepware with the Thingworx cloud instance that is part of the Studio trial. I've already created the key and thing in Thingworx and I've changed the settings in the Kepware project t...
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  • by clicking on the graph of a particular device in one mashup should open that in new mashup

    I have one requirement, when I selected the device on the list in one mashup it shows the graph on that mashup, if I click on that graph that same graph of that particular device should open in new mashup with selecte...
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