• X-Y Chart double clicked triggering a mashup

    Hi, When double clicked on x-y chart in my mashup I wanted it to navigate to a new mashup.How do i configure this?
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  • Font Labeling - Upload custom fonts

    Hi, I am using Font labeling Widget but i can't able to upload ttf fonts using Media entity. Is there any solution? Thingworx Version 8.0   Regards, Sathishkumar C.
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  • Network - Child Properties

    Hi All,   I have a network like below, Thing 1 (Parent)      - Thing A (Child 1)      - Thing B (Child 2)      - Thing C (Child 3)   I need a...
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  • format of JSON for PUT method of geo type property

    Hi, I want to post lat long and height to loc property (field type geo). I am trying this URL :-localhost:8080/Thingworx/Things/liveVehicle/Properties/loc HEADERS :- rest_thing_api:e3c27605-2c66-40d6-b914-...
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  • Thingworx 8.1 is not getting up in linux

    Thingworx 8.1 is not getting up in linux machine. What changes are required in the code to run the appKey in header??
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  • Getting error while adding custom app in ptc navigate

    I am getting error Exception executing service,GetAppCollection.This service is returning null value. Here is the snippet. @Override     public InfoTable GetAppCollections() throws Exception {  ...
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  • Advanced MQTT messages

    Hello, I used the tutorial from this site to install the MQTT Extension from the Marketplace to my installation. Everything works fine.   For my purpose I need to transmit additional Information in the MQTT mess...
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  • Unable to import Thingworx extension plugin into Eclipse

    Hi Team,   I am using Thingworx 8.0 and want to import the extension plugin sdk in eclipse for this version of thingworx. I have downloaded '204-ThingWorx-Extension-SDK-8-0-0.zip' from the thingworx market place...
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  • How to retrieve data for JSON

    Hi,   I need to retrieve data from JSON and store in datatable. JSON is having a multiple tags. Please refer a below JSON data. Please let me know if anyone have a solution for it. Thanks in advance.   {"...
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  • Install a Free SSL Certificate from Let's Encrypt in Thingworx

    I thought I would share how to install a valid signed certificate from a new Certifcate Authority called "Lets Encrypt" https://letsencrypt.org/   Important note: Some hardware vendors who supply products that m...
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  • Okta Configuration

    Hi,   We use Okta in our enterprise and would like to link our solution with ThingWorx.   Does anyone have experience customizing ThingWorx to authenticate users with Okta?   Thanks! Tom
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  • Double clicked Event on the Label chart

    I have created label chart and configure double click event. that event is working only on bars or data values not in other area. Is it possible that if I click anywhere on the graph the event should triggered.
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  • Creating Things but not running

    Hello, I am creating things programatically and created. but the issue is am not able to make active, cannot able to set value stream and also cannot able to see. this is my code what I have written.     va...
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  • Double click not triggering an event in combo box

    Hi, I created a mashup where i mapped the values by calling a service. I took that values as input and called another service for the double click event. But It is not working.   For example: 1.Combo box dis...
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  • From where to download Thingworx Industrial Gateway (KEPserver) and Licensing

    Hi Team,   We have Thingworx Licence but we are not able to find in download option list (support.ptc.com - PTC Software Download) for - Thingworx Industrial Gateway (KEPserver). from where can we get License v...
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  • Search widget for content filter on mashup

    I have one requirement, that I need to place a search bar just above to the list so that where I can type the entity name first or two letters on text box then it will gives me the option of list of entities and can b...
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  • Acknowledge Alert

    Hi All,   I want to know acknowledge alert workflow exactly happening in Thingworx.   Regards, Sathishkumar C.
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  • How to use QueryNamedPropertyHistory service with API call

    Hi community,   I've been trying to use the service; QueryNamedPropertyHistory() through an API call but not having any success. These are the details of my call:   Method: POST Url: http://xx-xxx-xxx-xx...
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  • Problem while Configuring Communication Settings in Analytics Builder

    Hi,   I am trying to install the Analytics extension in the Thingworx Analytics 8.1. While doing the Analytics Server Configuration, I am not able to find any AnalyticsServer thing in the AnalyticsGateway. Any s...
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  • How to calculate perentage for string type in pie chart

    I have string type output in info table and I want to present its type as % on pie chart. For example I have container type as Product, Library and Project .. Pie chart should display their count in %. Please help.
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