• Widget Extensions Google Bounce

    Previous Posts Widget Extensions Introduction Widget Extensions Click Event Widget Extensions Date Picker   I was asked was it possible to make the Google Maps indicator bounce if a property was set to true. The ...
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  • Get Started with ThingWorx Analytics - New Expert Sessions

    The following Expert Session videos are now available for viewing within the ThingWorx Community: ThingWorx Analytics Installation - This Expert Session will walk you through the complete installation of ThingWorx...
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  • Example ThingWorx Analytics 8.1 Mashup

    Put together a quick example mashup in support of a couple of analytics projects to demonstrate use of the new TWX Analytics 8.1 APIs within TWX mashup builder. The intention here is for use in POCs to provide a quick...
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  • Using the C SDK to Deliver Data to ThingWorx from a Raspberry PI

    This document attached to this blog entry actually came out of my first exposure to using the C SDK on a Raspberry PI. I took notes on what I had to do to get my own simple edge application working and I think it is a...
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  • Widget Extensions Date Picker

    Previous blogs Widget Extensions Introduction Widget Extensions Click Event   This blog we will take a quick look at making a new Date Picker Widget   I'm not going to worry about styles just the basi...
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  • Logging Stack Trace of an Exception from Java Extension.

    Thingworx does not log the exact exceptions thrown by the Services but rather masks it  with intuitive Exceptions like "Unable to Invoke Services", sometimes the log messages just say "null" not describing the ...
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  • Configuring SSL Connector Ports in Apache Tomcat 8.5

    As many already know, ThingWorx versions 8.0+ now support both Apache Tomcat versions 8.0.44+ and versions of 8.5.13+. For this reason, many will want to consider using the latest Apache version for their ThingWorx in...
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  • Widget Extensions Introduction

          Thingworx extensions are a great place to explore UI ideas and get that special feature you want.  Here is a quick primer on Widgets (Note: there is comprehensive documentation here which ex...
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  • Starting & Stopping ThingWorx Analytics 8.1 (Native Linux Deployment)

    Preface  In this blog post, we will discuss how to Start and Stop ThingWorx Analytics, as well as some other useful triaging/troubleshooting commands. This applies to all flavors of the native Linux installation...
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  • Widget Extensions Click Event

    In a previous blog I provided a quick Widget Extensions Introduction The idea is not to have too much information just enough to get you going and maybe ask more questions.   The simple Hello World example jus...
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  • How to score new data with ThingWorx Analytics ?

    The following is valid as of ThingWorx Analytics (TWA) 52.0.2 and below. Overview The main steps are as follow: Create a dataset Configure the dataset Upload data to the dataset Optimize the dataset Create filt...
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  • Mapping previous versions of ThingWorx Analytics API to ThingWorx Analytics 8.1 Services

    Mapping previous versions of ThingWorx Analytics API to ThingWorx Analytics 8.1 Services Since ThingWorx Analytics 8.1, the classic server monolith has been replaced by a series of independent microservices. ...
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  • Sample Java utility to validate ThingWatcher 52.2 installation

    This Blog presents a simple Java utility to validate the deployment of ThingWatcher. It is important to note that the utility used is not a real life situation, the intent was to keep it as simple as possible in orde...
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  • Quick reference notes on 7.4 licensing

    ThingWorx 7.4 introduces a new licensing system. A license file (license.bin) needs to be placed in the ThingworxPlatform folder. A new license file is also required if you upgrade from 7.4  to a major or minor r...
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  • Considerations for High Availability Landscape

    Starting in ThingWorx 8.0, Application keys are now encrypted and stored in the database. The Key used to encrypt the Application key id value is stored in /ThingworxStorage/Keystore.jks and the password for the keyst...
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  • Delivering Arduino Collected Data to ThingWorx using MQTT

    ThingWorx provides multiple ways to deliver your data to the server. You can choose from the C based EMS to your own C application that uses the C SDK as well as SDKs for many popular languages but what can you do if ...
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  • Announcement: Impact and Supportability of installing and using Java 9 in ThingWorx

    This is a note/reminder in cross-reference to https://support.ptc.com/appserver/cs/view/solution.jsp?n=CS267248&lang=en_US   Java 9 is expected to be released by Oracle September 21 2017 and is not currently...
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  • Changes to Licensing in ThingWorx 8.1

    License deployment outline (see ThingWorx 8.1 Licensing for details) IMPORTANT -  Which Activation ID(s) to pick ? IMPORTANT -  Limited mode IMPORTANT - Connected mode (8.1.0) [Solved : 05-Nov-...
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  • Reference note on ThingWorx License application 7.4 vs 8.0 vs 8.1

    ThingWorx 7.4 ThingWorx 8.0 ThingWorx 8.1 Installation Guide Installation Guide Installation Guide In the Java Options field, add the following to the end of the options field: -Dserver -Dd64 -XX:+UseG1GC -Dfile.enc...
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  • How to connect your edge devices using the REST API

    The ThingWorx Platform is fully exposed using the REST API including every property, service, subsystem, and function.  This means that a remote device can integrate with ThingWorx by sending correctly formatted ...
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