• How could we see the logger message in Mashup builder

    Hi,   I am developing a custom widget and I have added few logger message in 'customWidget.ide.js. But I don't know where to see my logger message in the mashup builder. In the Extension Development guide stated...
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  • Question regarding Image URL!!!!

    The image URL was set to "D:\1.png"(The URL can be set to a external URL to ThingWorx according to the image above). But after I input the URL,the sourceURL become a strange format like the image as following. And...
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  • List alarms based on state change date

    The following code fetches the list of alarms that was created between those specified dates which are now in closed state.   def alarmCriteria = new AlarmCriteria() alarmCriteria.state = AlarmState.CLOSED def b...
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  • Open popup on Event

    Hi,   I'm looking to open up an information popup within a mashup when an event happens.   I have a counter, when that reaches zero, I want the popup to open with some information.   Currently I have...
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  • Display selected text from drop down in the text box?

    Hi, After creatin a drop down box,When I select a particular text from drop down how to display the selected one in a seperate text box? Please provide some help. Thanks, V.Shalini.
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  • Is it possible to mergre services in a grid widget from more than one Thing?

    Hey,   Do basically I am gathering temperature data from several devices and I have created different Thing for each device with different properties. Now I want if the temperature exceeds a limit it should disp...
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  • widget to display different alerts in one box

    Hello,   I want to display a warning message in the mashup everytime it occurs. Something like shown in the figure below. Which widget should I use?
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  • Missing File on "ThingWorx Foundation Quickstart" 5/7

    I was doing the quickstart tutorial "ThingWorx Foundation Quickstart" and when I reached the step 5/7 there is a need to download a file to simulate the inputs and this file is missing.   Kind Regards, Marcus
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  • How to read data from csv file

    How to read data from csv file uploaded through upload widget and display that in grid?
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  • Unable to dispose thing

    Hi,   I am trying to delete a thing which was created for local binding for kepware tags.   I am not able to delete this thing. When tried to delete popup message shows up as -"Unable to dispose thing"
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  • Highcharts trigger

    i would like to add Highcharts trigger in the Thingworx. Next, how to configure the ThingWorx.
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  • DateTimePicker Widget has a limit to how many years you can choose from?

    Hi guys, I got a question regarding the DateTimerPicker Widget and it feels like i must be missing something simple. When using the datetimer picker to select a year, the drop down list only seems to go backwards by ...
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  • Create widget

    Could you please explain me basic procedure of creating custom widget. I see that I have to create 4 files, runtime.js, runtime.css, ide.js, ide.css. Could you please explain how to import it to thingworx platform? ...
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  • Customize `GetImplementingThings` service

    I am new to ThingWorx and want to get some practical flavour of implementing services on this example. I have such data model: Thing: Car(Infotable) has Sensor(Infotable) I want to have service of CarTemplate that ...
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  • Join table in mashup grid

    Hello! I already asked my question here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36715306/thingworx-join-table-in-mashup-grid Could you please help me?
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  • Pass a paremeter of a row to a filter

    Hello everybody. I am currently filtering a stream of data with the "data filter widget". Here is my mashup. The upper part presents the list of my sensors, given by the service "get data table entries" in a grid...
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  • Manage a stream

    Hi everybody.   I am gathering temperatures from sensors in a Stream. I would like to display a chart showing the evolution of temperature for a selected sensor.   The time series chart i am currently usi...
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  • Unable to connect to ThingWorx server

    Hi, I am following tutorial Temperature and Humidity from Am2302 sensor using Thingworx Edge java SKD for Raspberry Pi. Following is the link of the tutorial   https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=...
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  • Composer Tutorial Crashes

    Hey, I just started looking into ThingWorx and was running the basic tutorial for the Composer (which I thought was Connected Car but might actually be for an assembly line?). I got partway through and had to step awa...
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  • Error recieved by certain users when trying to view a Mashup.

    Hello,   I am receiving an error that I believe could be linked to Run Time permissions, but I am at a loss on how to fix it!   I created a mashup which calls a service from a Thing, in that Things service...
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