• Unable to test Analysis model using thingworx analytics manager

    Hi,   I am following this tutorial https://support.ptc.com/help/thingworx_hc/thingworx_analytics_52/#page/thingworx_analytics_7%2Fthingpredictor%2Fthingpredictor-deployment.html%23   When I publish the mod...
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  • How can I use binded data on Custom Widget?

    Good afternoon,   I have designed my own Chart following the specifications that a client asked me to have, but I am having problems with the bound data. For example, I have a "Title" which I have defined as...
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  • Creating a widget, can't bind my properties

    I'm creating a widget for my very first time. My widget is quite similar to "Gradient meter" present in marketplace, with a difference: Gradient meter indicates the percentage of your property, I want its exactly va...
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  • Need to access cookie to set session value

    Hello!   Currently we're trying to develop an external application that, when you click on a url, opens a certain Thingworx page via iframe. However, the pages we're trying to open are dependent on certain sessi...
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  • Dataconnect installation

    Hi,Firends! cannot be accessed after the Thingworx DataConnect is installed. Here's the correlation about Tomcat log files and DataConnect log files. Who can help me...
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  • Issue with Thinkworx8.0.3 platform with postgres  using docker compose

    I am trying to run thinkworx8.0.3 platform with postgres  using docker compose.   it seem like the postgres contained bootstraps properly , but the tomcat fails with the below errror.     twtc ...
    created by aacharya
  • Network Children

    Hey, I would like to know if there is a way to get the children of a node inside a network programaticaly.   So, let's say in my network I have parent A and I want all its children programmaticaly. How would ...
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  • Button Style Definition?

    How do I create customized widgets with pre-defined style?   Every time I place a button I have to go through the tedious process of styling it and it's states...   I created a "Custom Style Definition" a...
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  • We are writing lot of information to external postgresSQL database from thingworx using thing created using Database thing template. Information is written to multiple data tables. We have some informaiton which we read from this external database as well

    We are writing lot of information to external postgresSQL database from thingworx using thing created using Database thing template. Information is written to multiple data tables. We have some informaiton which we re...
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  • google map not load in View Mashup

    I use 30 days hosted trial, google map widget could not load normally in View Mashup, Error Message like "Oops! Something went worng... See the JavaScript  console for technical details.".  How could I get t...
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  • Menus dynamically added in the mashup??

    Hi!! I want to create menus dynamically. In briief, I have certain menus with child submenus already .But If I want to add a new menu as parent, I have to do more modifications(only static am able to do). Is there ...
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  • how to give a number with percentage % in datatable

    how to give a number with percentage % in datatable´╝č
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  • uninstall thingworx trial edition 8.0

    Hi,   After I got an error during installation, I failed to intall thingworx trial edition. So I want to reinstall it but I can't do it. When I execute installer, following error message is shown.   "The...
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  • How to new a wighet?

    hi everyone, As the title, I want to insert a new weight in my mashup. When I create a test mashup demo, I found that I can't search the wight I want to insert my mashup such as map. But I can see the map in mashup o...
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  • failed to install Thingworx Analytics server on ubuntu

    found below error while installing thingworx analytics server on Ubuntu   Please wait while Setup installs ThingWorx Analytics Server on your computer. Installing 0% ______________ 50% ______________ 100% #...
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  • I am not able to Launch Foundation Server

    I am not able to Launch Foundation Server.   Please find the below details and let me know if you need any further details.. Status: running IP: Trial Expiration: Oct 20, 2017
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  • REST API property value update do not fire value change event

    Good day,   I am updating a property value on a thing using the REST API. The property value is successfully updated on the Thing (the value changes when viewed under properties), but no value change event is pi...
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  • What is expression widget.? from where i can get this..?

    hi everyone,   While viewing the part files in the thingworx navigate 1.5. I saw the following error in the logs: 15:55:42 ERROR - expression widget, error evaluating script "SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected to...
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  • Is there a way to show Zip file contents in mashup?

    I have a zip file in file repository, is there a way to show its contents in a mashup?
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  • Get the session variable related to the parent page

    How to get a session variable for the state of the child page created from the parent page. Is there a session variable or something which waits for the child to exit ?
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