• Error "Could not create container for ThingWorx Analytics API Router. Please refer to the install.log file for more details." when installing Thingworx Trial edition. (I am referring to .\ThingWorxAnalyticsServer\install.log)

    Same error for the next component ThingWorx Analytics Edge Agent.  And the installation terminates by uninstalling previously installed components.
    created by bwalke
  • Getting real time data in Thingworx view application

    Hi, I am working on an application wherein the real time data having parameters like speed, voltage, frequency  is fetched from the kepserver to my Thingworx Composer. The real time data is reflecting in the Com...
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  • Setting language table tokens via a script

    Hi, I know that there are run time localisation functions for retrieving a tokens value in different languages, but are there any services for setting a token value in various languages. I'm hoping to create a mash ...
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  • Is it possible to mergre services in a grid widget from more than one Thing?

    Hey,   Do basically I am gathering temperature data from several devices and I have created different Thing for each device with different properties. Now I want if the temperature exceeds a limit it should disp...
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  • Error notifying things of propertyBinding changes on activate: TestThing property Temperature1

    Dear Team,   I have made my thing property as logged  for to use value stream. On refreshing on properties values are changing. But no value get logged. In application log getting error : Error notifying ...
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  • Binding KEPServer isConnected Property

    We currently have ThingWorx 7.1 and the KEPServerEX extension package version 1.6.0. I have a Kepserver Thing, let's call it 'KEPThing', that implements the 'RemoteKEPServerEXThing' Thing Template.  I've added K...
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  • Get Image data from the edge

    Hi, could anyone suggest the best way to retrieve image data from a file on an edge device to display in a mashup?   We have some remote assets that have some image files residing on the edge. These image files...
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  • How can I not upload all the data on time series chart?

    I have a property called temperature, and all the data is saved in a value stream. Whenever I want to display this data in mashup I use 'time-series chart' . Now, this chart displayes all the 500 values from my data. ...
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  • Configure Menu to Open the Same Mashup with Different Mashup Parameter Values

    Hello,   Based on what was click on the menu, I want it to open a mashup that has a parameter. If I click on item1 on the menu, mashup1 with open with the mashup parameter with a value of item1 . And if i clicke...
    last modified by wsuen
  • Viewing Remote Thing with File Transfer Virtual Directory in a Mashup.

    Hi,   I am following a guide to create a mashup that will allow me to transfer files to the Thingworx server from my local machine, and then also transfer them to a remote thing on the edge. I am using the Thing...
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  • Filter data for unbound thing

    We have Remote Things set up so that they only send data to the platform when the value changes. When a new device is connected, there may be a period of time between when it initially connects & starts sending da...
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  • rollback issue in launch, rollback issue @ launch button , Unable to launch the server

    rollback issue in launch, rollback issue @ launch button , Unable to launch the server
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  • Plotting Limit Lines on Chart

    I've plotted data into a Time Series Chart widget.  I need to be able to overlay horizontal lines on the same chart to show limits that the data should be over/under. Is this possible with the regular time seri...
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  • Any other way to achieve Logout function?

    Hi,      actually i am using the FormLogin option  to access the mashup and also using Logout Widget that was working fine. but if i am clicking the logout button it shows the Authentication ...
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  • Log In Screen Capabilities - Organization

    Hi, Will I be able to create a screen like bellow attached picture? If yes how do I create it? Please provide some help. Thanks, V.Shalini.
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  • Thingworx composer dont work after launch

    Hello,   my thingworx trial don't start after clicking launch button, altough the status is running.The browser try to open composer after I clicked the launch, but the result is "site is unavailable"   My...
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  • Carousel Effect

    Hi, how to achieve Carousel Effect in thingworx for showing multiple images.
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  • thingworx eclipse plugin setup

    Hi ,   Though I am using eclipse neon 4.6 version still this error is coming.   Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.   Software being installed: ThingWor...
    last modified by mnalla
  • Run VACUUM on postgreSQL from Thingworx?

    In our project we have maintained streams to store sensor data ingestes very frequently. Similarly we have different schedulers to purge or delete the older entries from streams.   Deleted rows will still there...
    last modified by pselvaraj-2
  • Dashboard, how to show scroll down bar

    ThingWorx Composer How is it possible to show a scroll down bar in the dashboard? I created four groups and they are heigher than the window's height but no scroll bar is appearing so I cannot see the lowers...
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