This is a call to participate in LiveWorx 2016, June 6-9 for developers and anyone who uses ThingWorx to build applications that unleash the potential of things.


In my last post I mentioned that this year we are offering 5 different ways to share your IoT expertise with your peers.


We’ve received a lot of requests for additional explanation about these new formats and how they differ. Here’s a description of each of them.


1- Time-Saving QuickTip/Peer Spotlight

This is your opportunity to showcase, in 25 minutes or less, how you are using the ThingWorx platform to save your company time and/or money. These QuickTip/Peer Spotlight sessions are meant to be informal – with no slides required – and will take place on the exhibit hall floor. Peers’ tips are among the most highly rated sessions and more than half of attendees say that customer presentations are the most impactful at PTC events.


2- Panel

These 60-minute sessions will be focused on a single topic, allowing time for panelists to dive deep into their specialty, innovative approach and/or real-world IoT success stories. Interactive panel discussions also provide participants the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue amongst themselves and with attendees to explore important questions impacting their organizations.panel.jpg


3- Ignite Talk

As an Ignite Talk presenter, your mission is to share your ideas or thoughts on a particular topic with a total 20 slides that will advance once every 15 seconds. The result is a fast, engaging presentation that lasts just five minutes! This is your opportunity to give attendees a taste of your experience and help ignite an interest to learn more and ask questions. Feel like taking the challenge?


4- Best Practices, Innovation, Case study

Lead or assist with a Best Practice session to give insight on how you streamlined a process to save time and/or resources, solved a particular business challenge, or increased ROI. By sharing your story, you will have the chance to gather input and insight from attendees that could further improve your processes, department or overall practice.jpg


5- Demonstration

If you have recently taken advantage of a new product functionality for the betterment of your job or business, then this session format is for you. As a presenter or co-presenter of a 45-minute Demonstration session, you have the opportunity to help peers encountering similar challenges by sharing how you took advantage of a new product functionality.


I hope you found this information useful and are now ready to submit your participation idea.


If you still have questions about these formats, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.




Ann McGrath


Conference Content Manager