Platform Support

Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 2012 R2, and Cent OS 7.1 (paid version only) are recommended and fully tested for production.

Server Support

• KEPServerEX v6.2, which includes the ThingWorx Native Interface.

Note: Non-Kepware OPC Servers servers and earlier versions of KEPServerEX can be connected to KEPServerEX v6.2, functioning as an aggregator (OPC UA Server). KEPServerEX and ThingWorx can be installed on the same machine. However-- for production-- separate machines are recommended.

• ThingWorx 8.0 with PostgresSQL 9.4.10-1 database, Express

ThingWorx 8.0, with the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps imported as a ThingWorx extension


Minimum recommended hardware

• OS — Windows 2008R2

• SP1 / Windows 2012R2

• Disk Space — 100 GB

• RAM — 7 GB

• CPU — 3 Core


Client Browser Support - Paid Version

• Chrome 44

• Firefox 35+

• Safari 6.1.6+

• Internet Explorer 11+


For more information on the installation requirements, see the Product Requirements section of the install guide here: ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Setup and Configuration Guide 8.0.1