While it is not a requirement, it is a best practice to install KEPServerEX (v6.2 or higher) before installing ThingWorx (v8.0.1 or higher).


If ThingWorx is already installed, close the application and complete the install of KEPServerEX by following these install instructions: How do I download and install KEPServerEX?


Now, when you attempt to launch ThingWorx, if you are presented with a "null pointer exception" error, follow this workaround:

1. Navigate to the 'PostgreSQL\installer' directory, within the directory where the Manufacturing Apps are installed. By default this will be:

<ThingWorx install path>\ThingWorxManufacturingApps\PostgreSQL\installer


2. Run the 'vcredist.exe' located there. This application should re-install the conflicting redistributables, and you should be able to launch ThingWorx again normally.