Welcome to the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Community!

The ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps are easy to deploy, pre-configured role-based starter apps that are built on PTC’s industry-leading IoT platform, ThingWorx. These Apps provide manufacturers with real-time visibility into operational information, improved decision making, accelerated time to value, and unmatched flexibility to drive factory performance.


This Community page is open to all users-- including licensed ThingWorx users, Express (“freemium”) users, or anyone interested in trying the Apps. Tech Support community advocates serve users on this site, and are here to answer your questions about downloading, installing, and configuring the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps.



A. Sign up:

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Community:

PTC account credentials are needed to participate in the ThingWorx Community. If you have not yet registered a PTC eSupport account, start with the Basic Account Creation page.


Manufacturing Apps Web portal:

Register a login for the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps web portal, where you can download the free trial and navigate to the additional resources discussed below.



B. Download:

Choose a download/packaging option to get started.


i. Express/Freemium Installer (best for users who are new to ThingWorx):

If you want to quickly install ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps (including ThingWorx) use the following installer:

Download the Express/Freemium Installer


ii. 30-day Developer Kit trial:

To experience the capabilities of the ThingWorx Platform with the Manufacturing Apps and create your own Apps:

Download the 30-day Developer Kit trial


iii. Import as a ThingWorx Extension (for users with a Manufacturing Apps entitlement-- including ThingWorx commercial customers, PTC employees, and PTC Partners):

ThingWorx Manufacturing apps can be imported as ThingWorx extensions into an existing ThingWorx Platform install (v8.1.0). To locate the download, open the PTC Software Download Page and expand the following folders:


PTC Smart Connected Applications | Release APPs | ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Extension | Most Recent Datacode



C. Learn

After downloading the installer or extensions, begin with Installation and Configuration.


Follow the steps laid out in the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Setup and Configuration Guide 8.1.0


Find helpful getting-started guides and videos available within the 'Get Started' section of the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Portal.



D. Customize

Once you have successfully downloaded, installed, and configured the Manufacturing Apps, begin to explore the deeper potential of the Apps and the ThingWorx Platform.


Follow along with the discussion and steps contained in the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Customization Guide  8.1.0


Also contained within the the 'Get Started' page of the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Portal, find the "Evolve and Expand" section, featuring:

-Custom Plant Layout application

-Custom Asset Advisor application

-Global Plant View application

-Thingworx Manufacturing Apps Technical Lab with Sigma Tile (Raspberry Pi application)

-Configuring the Apps with demo data set and simulator

-Additional Advanced Documentation



E. Get help / give feedback / interact

Use the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Community page as a resource to find documentation, peruse past forum threads, or post a question to start a discussion! For advanced troubleshooting, licensed users are encouraged to submit support tickets to the PTC My eSupport portal.