This example briefly describes how you can use the Step names that you used in Creo Illustrate sequence definitions to drive a corresponding step instruction/description in your experience. This is an unsupported, preliminary solution - R&D is working on a better, final solution. But as long as this is not available, you can use this one for PoC and demo purposes.

To setup the scene: Here is what I meant with Step names that you used in Creo Illustrate:


Now in Thingworx Studio you want to have the following result:


The text is rendered with a simple Label widget. You'll have to remember the ID of this widget for the following javascript tweak. Add the following text to the Javascript section of your View:

var labelId = "label-1"; // ID of the Label widget that displays the Step progress and description  text
// this $on event handler switches the label based on the the sequence definition
// the arg variable is of the following form: (<step #>/<total step #) <step name>
$scope.$on('newStep', function(evt, arg) {
  $scope.setWidgetProp( labelId, "text", arg); // get the currentStep from the arg

Now you only need to provide the correct initial value in the Label widget text property and add control widgets (Buttons, Playback) to drive your animation and you're done.