ThingWorx Studio Release 1.11 has few added features, bug fixes and enhancements. If already installed, the Studio application gets automatically upgraded to the latest release, assuming you are connected to a network that is open to studio url ( Take a look at the following features available in ThingWorx Studio R1.11


  • New Data Grid widget to display tables of ThingWorx data
  • 2D Label and Value Display widgets support State-based formatting using ThingWorx State and Style definitions
  • Added Publish progress indicator including the project size
  • Added source and target information to binding dialog
  • Ability to edit widget ID
  • Autodesk Inventor 3D file format (.ipt, .iam) support


  • Bug fixes

Experience Service

  • Base web socket permissions added to free trial instances to support public access
  • Bug fixes

Studio Portal

  • Improved registration process – makes the process less confusing for customers with existing PTC accounts