• Symbols in sequence steps in Thingworx publish are not displayed

    Hi all,   We are trying out the Thingworx studio 90 day trial and we have a Question about Creo Illustrate sequence steps with annotations and Symbols in combination with Thingworx   Importing the PVZ model ...
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  • Cannot select Sequence URL

    Hi I am new at using Studio and learning by using remote control exercise. I have a problem in that I cannot see pvi file when I clock sequence URL drop-down. Here' what i am doing - Under Resources, I select + and ...
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  • Only 3 ThingMarks for Experience

    Hi,     I have received my login/password to access to ThingWorx Access Trial (it's correctly  install, OK for use and to publish ThingWorx Studio for the three ThingMark) but I have neither received ...
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  • Thingworx Studio: Bar chart example

    Hi, I'm new to Thingworx Studio. I want to create bar chart using external data source(excel). Can anybody help me in developing this experience?   Thanks in advance.   -Saravanaraj S
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  • Auto Configure Failed

    When i try to login to ThingWorx Studio at the "Configure ThingWorx Studio", I get the "Auto Configure Failed. Check log for errors" message. Please find the attached Logs and Screenshot.  
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  • 2D widgets for EyeWear Project

    Hi,   I am creating a initial project to add Grid , buttons, labels , checkbox in my eyewear project. I can't see option to add 2D widgets in ThingWorx Studio?   Can't we add 2D widget for HoloLens Project ?
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  • Data from Thingworx to Thingworx studio.

    Hello,   We are sending data from thingworx to thingworx studio every 2 second. We can see changing data in Thingworx mashup but we can´t see change in thingworx studio (3D gauge). So if you can give us ...
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  • Publishing the experience programmatically

    I have an experience in Studio and I would like to publish this experience programmatically without opening up thingworx studio, how this is done? is it possible?
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  • Hello there. I wanted to know how to duplicate an experience directly.

    Hello, my question is: " How can we take an experience, create it totally and then duplicate it, so on the duplicated experience to have the possibility to easy replace models and labels? so it can be made copy-paste...
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  • Customized ThingView

    Hi This is regarding Thingworx Studio. Is it possible to build my own Augmented Reality mobile app similar to Thingview using API from Thingworx Studio?   Thank you.   AB
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  • I tried downloading and running the trial edition studio setup.exe - get application improperly formatted error.

    I tried downloading and running the trial edition studio setup.exe - get application improperly formatted error.
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  • What is my ThingWorx Server URL?

    I just started a ThingWorx Studio trial. At login it asks for an "Experience Service URL", but I don't have any info on this in any email I got from PTC. What should this URL be?
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  • View Navigation Menu is never hidden

    Hello,   In my project the "View Navigation Menu" is never hidden. I tried "Enabled" and "Hidden", nothing changes, it is still there. But in the quadcopter tutorial it works with "Hidden". So how can I adjust t...
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  • I just like to know what all the browser does Thingworx is compatible with without much performance lag?

    I just need to test my Thingworx app on various browser but I feel chrome is the only one which is good for performance than other browser,but i am not sure I am completely correct Is there any document regarding the ...
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  • Error Installing the Thingworx Studio.

    I am downloading the Composer for windows and when try to install it on my machine it throws an error saying unable to connect to Thingworx etc etc... There is no internet or firewall issue. Can anyone guide me throug...
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  • Is it possible to set a default value for choosing a sequence animation during runtime?

    Hello everyone,   based on Can't use more than one sequence animation in a single experience in ThingWorx studio. I implemented the second solution. When I load the application, there is an empty value set (no a...
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  • How to get existing thingmarks from one machine to another in Studio?

    Hi, Ive got a user account with PTC, but it is linked to the old Thingmarks and the old experience server - so, if I login to the Portal, I get the old Thingmarks and the wrong experience server. Giri set up an alter...
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  • There is no thingworks studio available for download

    Hi I am new here. While downloading the things worx i got following page but did not received any mail even after 1 hour.   Where can i get thingsworx studio ?   Regards, Abhay
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  • no experiences found

    I have just registered for a trial with Thingworx Studio and I'm going through the first tutorial: Quadcopter. All goes without any hitches until I scan the thingmark using Thingworx viewer for android. I get the foll...
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  • Re: ThingWorx Studio 8.0.0 Update

    I installed the thingworx viewer for this update. When scanning a thingmark though, the view becomes blank and basically the app is inaccessible and needs to restart. Just checking if there is something wrong I am doi...
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