• ThingWorx Support for SQLServer 2012

    Hi, this is my first post here and is a short one:   Is possible to use MS SQLServer 2012 as the database for a ThingWorx installation? If yes, what kind of issues/bugs we can found if we proceed with this setup...
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  • How can I see Kepware values in a chart?

    Hi there,   I am quite new in Thingworx world. I have kepware and thingworx connected and I can see values changing in a mashup. My next step is displaying data in a chart in real time, I mean I want to see curv...
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  • Security and Identity Management for IoT

    Hi, I am looking for information about Security and Identity Management for IoT. What protocols are supported? What cipher suites are supported? Which hash algorithms are supported? Where can I find documentation? Tha...
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  • Thingworx analytics 8.0 installation error with docker

    Hi,   While installing the thingworx analytics server 8.0 in local i got the following error(screenshot attached). Is there any workaround for this docker issue?
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  • Impact of Kepware on existing communication traffic with PLC

    I am planning to use AB suite for the old AB PLC (PLC 5/40) which is using DF1 protocol. I would like to know whether PLC software and Kepware software can co-exist in PC as both of them will be getting data from PLC....
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  • 发布模型失败

    使用增强现实功能的时候 用tingmark 发布模型总是失败不知道是什么原因?
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  • Vm with bridged network, Why tomcat is down?

    I change my Parallel VM CentOS config from shared network to Bridged network (default adaptor) i restart CentOs and after that i have no accesso to analytics 8.0 and tomcat (installed with docker). What i have to do ...
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  • How to Install ThingWorx Studio in Windows OS

    Open video

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  • Thingworx Studio - AR Best Practice

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  • Facing Problem with subscription Execution?

    Hi,   We have a service which updates a single entry in a data table.Which works prefect when test it on service level.   Where as I execute the same service in a subscription on data change of the propert...
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  • validateEnabledThingworxUser depricated and alternative does not work same, what was changed?

    In custom Authentificator, I have this code and it works fine: Since validateEnabledThingworxUser is depricated in favor of validateThingworxUser, I changed the method.   Now I am getting error: Authenticato...
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  • Using the QueryDataTableEntries method prompt [" value "] not found

    var values = Things["SearchMapDT"].CreateValues(); values.type = type; //NUMBER [Primary Key] values.province = province; //STRING values.customer = customer; //STRING values.country = country; //STRING values.ci...
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  • fix Radio Button and Generic Radio button not selecting default

    I'm using a radio button to allow the user to choose between entering the coordinates in directly or an address which will be changed into coordinates. But the radio button does not select the default state. Below is ...
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  • How to get substing functionality in thingworx javascript servies?

    Hi,   Please help to achieve sub string functionality in thingworx service.   Is there any snippet available please let us know.       Thanks   Anil Kesana
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  • Read and Write data from/to OPC Client

    I am able to make the connection between ThigWorx and OPC client (KEPServerEX 6 Configuration), but iam not able to fetch the data from the OPC. ihave created a channel, within the channel ihave created a device and ...
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  • Entities appended with logged in user name to avoid duplicates

    being a multi-tenanted system, we require to instruct entities names to be included with Username to avoid any duplicate.   Is there anyway that in composer all the entities will be appended with logged in user ...
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  • Procedure to integrate Thingworx with KEPServerEX 6

    I have installed a demo version of KEPServerEX 6 and have been trying to integarte it with Thingworx 7.1.2.  Till now, I have imported KEPServerEX 6 extension in Thingworx and created a thing "KEPServerEX" using ...
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  • addorupdatealert method not working?

    I  ran AddOrUpdateAlert() code through a service in order to create an alert progamatically the code is taken from ptc page  Digital Media Publisher   when I run the service it executes successfully ...
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  • My SOAP call returns null or emty response. I followed all steps from PTC white paper.

    Here is my code for calling external SOAP service. I included first getXML snippet then createInfoTableFromDataShape then createInfoTableEntryFromDataShape then addRow()   var params = { proxyScheme: undefined ...
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  • Different list of entities in Thingworx Studio and Thingworx Composer

    Hello, I am going through the raspberry pi tutorial (Thingworx Studio Tutorials and FAQs/Advanced/Raspberry Pi Tutorial). I have created a new thing in composer and assigned properties to it. But when I try to conne...
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