• GetCurrentUserLanguage() is returning empty string

    Hello   I want to localize the return of a function depending of the current language of the session of the connected user.   Everything is ok with the labels inot mashups using the "localization tables" b...
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  • Kepserver websocket forcibly closed

    We have about 8 or 10 Kepservers communicating to ThingWorx (and have for several months), and recently started having regular crashes(multiple times a day) of Tomcat in our production environment. It doesn't hang or ...
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  • Access mashup remotely

    Hey there.   I  am using the Thingworx Trial Edition (120days) and have created a mashup. My question is now: how is it possible to access this mashup if I am on a remote network? Does it matter if I am on...
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  • Configuring Certificates in the Java SDK has Never Been So Easy!

    Finally there is an article which combines all of the available resources on certificate configuration to better enable developers to complete their production-worthy edge devices. Please see the official PTC document...
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  • Get specific data from Value stream

    Hi,   I have created a thing with 4 property S1 , S2, S3 & TC from hardware device. Am logging the data to my value stream. Now I have to extract particular data using timestamp. For Ex: S1 S2 S3 and TC are...
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  • Problems with playing sequences on HoloLens

    Hi All,   I'm experiencing a problem with getting a sequence to play in a HoloLens experience.   I've created a simple 4 step sequence in the PVZ file and I've tried two different things to get it to work:...
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  • Installers should create and insert their own system paths

    I presume this section is for product feedback. That is not clear from the page or content.   So much of the Thingworx installation process consists of copying and pasting paths, from documentation or other sour...
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  • Totals for daily timestamps in a stream

    Hi All   I am trying to figure something out, but might be over thinking it. Here is the scenario:   I collect hourly values with the Source, Timestamp and Value into a Stream. I need to get the data from...
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  • Getting error in ThingWorxTrialEdition-8.0.1-windows-installer installation.

    Hi,   I am trying to install ThingWorxTrialEdition-8.0.1-windows-installer. But I am getting an error as in the below image. Can I get some help in the installation. Please find the error image below.   ...
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  • Creating Map Mashup with 100 points

    Hello,   I am trying to create a openmap mashup that shows multiple points (100) on it with specific information as you click on each point. I am new to the Thingworx software but I was able to plot many differe...
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  • change the style of widget dynamically

    Hi ,      I want to change the style of the widget dynamically, for ex. i have to change the color of label on button click or any other event of any widget.How can i do that? Regards, Quadir
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  • Problems with WSEMS and posting REST API calls.

    Hi everyone,   I am having trouble managing to set multiple properties of a single thing on the platform with one single REST call. I am using CURL to manually send the REST call, pointing to WSEMS which is runn...
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  • What's New in ThingWorx Studio 8.1.0

    ThingWorx Studio 8.1.0 is now available. See below for a full list of updates.   ThingWorx Studio Assisted configuration for fields on the List, Select, Bar Chart, and Time Series Chart widgets when binding Thi...
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  • Cannot reach my thingworx instance outside the virtual machine

    Hi there,   I have a Thingworx instance running on a Virtual Machine. I can reach the instance from localhost but I cannot reach it from the outside. We have configured the port forwarding in the router but stil...
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  • hi, is there any way to create our own icons or widgets in thingworx ?

    i wud like to know if there is any way to add our own gadgets or widgets in the mashup creation.
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  • QueryImplementingThingsWithData output data shape

    Hi community, If I add a template's QueryImplementingThingsWithData service as a data source in a mashup, it returns a list of all the properties defined in that template. All good there. But: I want to wrap t...
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  • Creating Email alert based on % of target value

    Hi All   I am trying to create an email alert that is based on a user defined % of a target value from a service calculation:   var CurrentTime = new Date(); var Midnight = new Date(); Midnight.setHours(0,...
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  • How to connect Thingworx Navigate with Teamcenter (Siemens PLM)?

    Hello, Does anybody has any experience getting data from Teamcenter or another PLM tool and expose data in Thingworx Navigate? How do you recomend would be the best approach to do that? Thanks, Sal
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  • java sdk not working with docker

    Hi,   I was trying to use the Thingworx java sdk with docker to build an image out of it and use it as a docker container. I followed the following steps:   1) I loaded the application into eclipse 2) I r...
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  • Tomcat not running after Thingworx 7.4 installation

    I have installed thingworx 7.4 and Postgresql on separate servers. Tomcat was running prior to installation of Thingworx 7.4. However, after installing and running  tomcat again it no longer start the logs are as...
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