• ThingWorx fails to start after fresh installation

    Hi Craig,   I have the same problem even the command on the service.xml file is right. What may be the reason?   Thanks in advance.   localhost_access-log: 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 - - [17/Aug/2017:13:08:41 +03...
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  • Extention Things are singleton or prototype by nature.

    public class Connect extends Thing { } Single instance of this class will be created when multiple user access same time ?
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  • Thingworx platform postgreSQL 8.0.2 installation

    Hello ,   I have installed Thingworx 8.0.2 as per the installation guide and used psotgresql database but while launching the application i am getting a white screen ,below is the attached application logs . ca...
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  • Advanced Grid not displaying default state definition

    I am trying to use the Advanced grid to display data, and one of the grid columns i have applied a state definition to. This works fine with the regular grid, but it is giving me issues with the advanced grid. The Def...
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  • Label Chart has duplicate entries

    Hello, I am trying to graph the results of a QueryNamedPropertyHistory service call. When I test the service on my thing, the infotable returned looks like this:   The data points have identical timestamps b...
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  • Getting Started with the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Community

    Welcome to the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Community! The ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps are easy to deploy, pre-configured role-based starter apps that are built on PTC’s industry-leading IoT platform, ThingWor...
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  • After deleting a thing by script, log full of messages

    After deleting a thing by script, the remote EMS is still trying to connect and try to send data. This lead to many, many error entries in the log "Unable to dispatch [ uri = /Things/xxxxx/Services/UpdateSubscribedPr...
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  • How to Create data shape and Infotable of given JSON type

    "EmployeeDetails": [         {             "EmpID ": "101",           ...
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  • Thingworx first install

    Hi,   I'm trying to perform the first install On thingworx core 8. So far the PostgreSQL database is created and both scripts ran with no problem.   When trying to acess the platform through http://localho...
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  • How to add grid inside gird column or any other widget in grid column

    How to add grid inside gird column or any other widget in grid column
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  • SOAP XML /XML Parsing in Thingworx

    Hi,   Could someone help me in how to parse soap XML or normal XML in thingworx. When I'm trying below soap response XML in thingworx I'm getting an error message as below:   TypeError: <?xml version="1...
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  • 3D Widgets for Real Time Data

    Hi, Anyone have 3D Widgets as below. Got this one from Industrial Augmented Reality.   Regards,   Thadeus.D
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  • How to retrieve data for JSON

    Hi,   I need to retrieve data from JSON and store in datatable. JSON is having a multiple tags. Please refer a below JSON data. Please let me know if anyone have a solution for it. Thanks in advance.   {"...
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  • Thingworx Studio Trial Error Loading

    I signed up for the 90-day trial yesterday and have been unable to get into the thingworx studio. I get stuck on the loading page when I try to get in through Google Chrome and when I open the desktop app. The app say...
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  • Annotating assembly parts in an AR / 3D Sequence

    Hi All – after an animated 3D sequence “plays” inside an AR experience (i.e., a disassembly), I am looking for a good way to display dynamic content relative to a specific part.  For example, a ...
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  • How to delete a token from the localization table

    Hi,   I have a localization table I use and by mistake I added few tokens, I want to delete them, they are on the default table. I cannot find where I can do it. TW version I use:  6.0.2-b456   Thanks.
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  • error while installing Docker for Thingworx analytics server

    Hello, We want to install Thingworx analytics 8 server  on windows 7 of desktop grade machine.   As per installation guide ,Docker toolbox is downloaded and  installed on same machine of windows 7. &#...
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  • Custom charts widgets extension not loading in Thingworx 7.2.1

    Hi Guys,   I am using TWX version 7.2.1 with Java 8 and tomcat 8.0.  I imported Custom charts widgets version 2.0.4 and tried plotting a bar chart. I am getting an error as in image attached. I have also ...
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  • Can I install Manufacturing apps trial version in existing Thingworx 8 server machine

    Hello Everyone,   I referred below blog to download trail version of manufacturing apps.(In download section, 2nd option)   Getting Started with the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps Community   Can I ...
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  • Can I write service in php or java ? If so, then how to do that?

    I need to execute a cmd command[java -jar example.jar] on a remote server. This server name will be given as input from another service.  I am not able to figure out how to do this. Javascript service will not be...
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