Managing Email Notifications

    You can easily control the number of email notifications you receive from the ThingWorx Community.


    Click on your Preferences under your name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.png


    Enable email notifications for individual items by clicking "On" for Receive Email Notifications for any of the available options.



    Quick Tip:

    If you set all of your Preferences to "On", you may become inundated with information (as you will receive the same notifications in both your Jive and email inboxes). The best practice is to select only a few preferences, such as Inbox and Community Digest to keep a close watch on some, but not all, community activity via email.


    Preferences -  Explained


    Inbox - Everything in My Inbox Page

    Receive a separate email each time someone posts an update to an item in which you were previously @mentioned or that you participated in.


    Inbox - Direct Social Actions

    Receive an email each time someone @mentions you, shares content with you, or sends you a private direct message in the community.


    Actions - ALL Actions Alerts in Actions Page

    Receive an email each time you have a new Actions alert:

    • Your membership in a group has been approved

    • You have been assigned a new Task

    • You have a new follower

    • You need to approve a document


    Moderation - Moderation Alerts in Actions Page

    Receive an email each time there is a new piece of content that needs moderated (only applicable if Moderation is set to "On")


    Actions - Notifications in Actions Page

    Receive an email when you have a notification in your Actions stream, for example, when a new person starts following you or your group membership request has been approved


    Community Stream - Connections Stream

    Receive an email each time a followed person, place, or item posts an update in the community


    Community Digest

    This summary of Community News includes:

    • Your last status update

    • Content you've created or commented on

    • Activity around your content that was viewed or commented on by others

    • A list of activity by people connected to you

    • A list of popular content in the community.


    Have additional questions about setting up your Email Preferences in the ThingWorx Community? Please leave a comment below.