Creating a New Document

    Create documents within the ThingWorx Community to collaborate with others or share information.


    1. At the top of your screen, click Create Document.




    2. Enter a title for your document in the field at the top.




    3. Enter content into the content field. You can add text, videos, images, hyperlinks, emoticons or tables.




    4. Spellcheck your document or view your content in HTML by clicking the icons in the upper right corner of the content field.




    5. To attach files to your document, click the Attach button beneath the content field, and select the files you want to upload.




    6.Choose who and where you want to place your document. This can be in a private group or project for your team, between a few people, or hidden from everyone besides yourself.




    In a Place, the document will visible to anyone in that group.

    Hidden, the document will only be visible in your authored content for you to see.

    Specific People, enables you to choose who you want to collaborate with privately and whether you want to open it up to the community.

    The Axeda Community, will mean the document will be public for everyone to see.


    7. Add the descriptive words or Tags so those who are working on this document with you can easily search for it.


    8. You can restrict who can edit and comment on the document in the Advanced Options section.




    9. Finally, Publish the document for others to see, or Save Draft to continue working in private.




    If you decide to Save Draft, you can find the document under Content > Authored.


    10. Once your document is posted, you can edit it by using the Actions menu on the right.




    It's useful to create a new document when it will have more than one author so others can edit and contribute to it in one location.


    Have additional questions about creating a new document in the ThingWorx Community? Leave a comment below.