Uploading a Document

    Upload a file from your desktop onto the ThingWorx Community.


    1. At the top of the screen, Click Create > Upload File




    2. Click the Choose File button to browse to a document you'd like to upload.




    3.Then add a description in the Description box




    4.Next, decide where you want the uploaded document to live.




    5. Add the descriptive words or tags so those who are working on this document with you can easily search for it.




    6. You can restrict who can edit and comment on the document in the Advanced Options section.




    7. Finally, Publish the document for others to see or Save as Draft to continue working on it private.




    If you decide to Save as Draft, you can find the document under Content > Authored.



    Have a question about uploading a document in the ThingWorx Community? Comment below.