Create Community Content via Email

    You can use email on your phone or computer to send information and content to the ThingWorx Community. This feature is especially handy when you're on the go or are unable to post from your regular browser.


    To Create community content with email:


    1. Go to your profile by clicking your profile image then name in the top right.


    Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 321.png


    2. In the Actions menu to the right, click Create content by email.




    3. Select the types of content you want to create. If you select to create your status by email, you'll only need to type your message in the subject line of the email.


    Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 3211.png


    4. Click Email vCards. A file will be sent to your email address.




    5. Upon opening the email, save the attached vCard (.vcf file) to a location on your computer or import them into your address book. This varies depending on how your email program is set up. In your email or address book program, use the vCard you downloaded to add its email address as a contact. For example, if you sent yourself a vCard for Creating a Private Document, save a new contact and call it "Create Document", or a similar name to help you find it easily in the future.    


    Now, in your email application, start a new email to the new contact or address you just created. In the body of the email, simply type the message or content you wish to be published in the respective place you chose in the community Or, if you're creating a document:


    1. In the email's subject, type the title you want your content to have.


    2. In the body of the email, type the main part of the content. If you want to include any of the approved tags, in the last line of your email type Tags: tag1here tag2here tag3here. This will tag your content so that people can find it more easily later. Remember-- only use the list of approved tags; do not create your own.


    3. Send the email to create the content.


    To reply by email:


    If you've chosen to receive email notifications for a discussion, you'll get an email when someone posts a reply to it. You can reply directly to the notification email and it will add it to the discussion.


    1. Click Reply to begin a reply to the notification.


    2. Type your response to the message you were notified about. Take care not to change what's in the subject, especially if there's a special code included. If you change the code, your reply won't go to the right place in the community.


    3. When you've finished your reply, click Send to post it.


    4. You can reply to comments on documents and blog posts as well.


    Have additional questions about creating content via email in the ThingWorx Community? Leave a comment below.