Creating a Group

    Note - To request to have a group created, click here: Request a Group. Step 1 may be completed for you, but as group owner, you can edit and have control over the remainder of the setup options.


    When creating a group in the ThingWorx Community, consider the purpose of the group and how you can attract members who will participate regularly. Groups are areas where people who share a common interest can join together and work or collaborate.


    To create a group:


    1. Click Create > Places > Group




    2. On the Create a new group page, enter the following details for your Group. The group name and assigned tags are important for search optimization.


    Group Name is the name you want to show up at the top of the group page and will also be used at the end of a URL.




    Group Description shows up on the group's main page and should capture what the group's about in a way that will attract other people who might be interested.




    Choose a Group Image to display on the group's main page.




    3. Click Advanced to access additional options such as type of group, and features.


    Group Type will determine whether your group can be seen by others and whether they can participate.




    Group Features are the different kinds of content you wish the group to contain.




    Tags are words or short phrases that will help other people find your group. Enter words that describe your group's focus. To separate the words, put a space between them (you don't need commas). To separate the words of a single phrase, use underscores "_". Lastly, Click Create Group.




    Have additional questions about creating a group in the ThingWorx Community? Leave a comment below.