Jive Anywhere

    Jive Anywhere allows you to share external URL content with the click of a button inside the ThingWorx Community.


    Why Use Jive Anywhere?

    Jive Anywhere brings collaboration directly into the context of any web site or web application. It saves time on the inefficient process of copying and pasting information from websites into the community.


    To Download Jive Anywhere:


    1. Access your Profile Settings by clicking on your profile image in the top right and click Tools.



    2. Scroll down to download Jive Anywhere, and click Download for (Browser Icon) -- even if you are using a different browser. You will be able to choose your browser later.




    Note: Depending upon Axeda's policies, you may need authentication to download.


    3. If not, continue downloading, then use these settings (also found from the gear icon) to get Jive Anywhere running.




    4. You will then receive this message which will take you through the tour of how to use Jive Anywhere.




    Now that you have downloaded Jive Anywhere, you will see the black "discuss" button permanently displayed in your browser.




    Have additional questions about using Jive Anywhere within the ThingWorx Community? Leave a comment below.