Using Your Actions Page

    Your Actions Page shows you information that's explicitly related to what you might need to get done in the ThingWorx Community.



    Actions calls out notifications, assigned tasks, and prompts to perform actions like approving group members or document revisions. You can filter each of these views to show only the items that interest you, and hide the items that don't.


    Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 12.png

    Action Alerts include:

    • Administrative actions such as group membership approvals.

    • Notifications – system updates that may affect your working patterns in the community.

    • Tasks – work items that have been assigned to you within the community task-tracking interface.


    For example, you might receive an Action Alert if you need to approve a document, a notification when someone new starts following your activity, or a Task alert when a new task is assigned to you.


    Have additional questions about your Actions Page in the ThingWorx Community? Leave a comment below.