Following People & Places

    Keep track of what's going on in the ThingWorx Community with ease by following people or places. Following will trigger their activity and updates to show up in your Connections Stream. For example, you should follow the Using the ThingWorx Community group if you are interested in staying updated on new activity or documents in this area. You can also follow ThingWorx Community thought-leaders to keep track of their activity and the content most pertinent to you.


    You can follow a space or individual simply by hovering your mouse over the name and selecting Follow. You can select a specific stream to follow this person in if you'd like-- otherwise, keep the default "Connections Stream" option checked. Following something in your Inbox will send you a notification for every update or development that pertains to the space or person, so we recommend following only a few items in your inbox.







    You can also follow a space or person by clicking on the name and going straight to the space homepage or user profile. Once there, simply click the Follow button in the upper right corner. You can also choose to "Unfollow" at any time you wish.




    Have additional questions about following in the ThingWorx Community? Leave a comment below.