Browsing People, Content, & Places

    To find what you're looking for in the ThingWorx Community, browse through People, Places, and Content. There are several ways to do this.


    1. Use keywords in the Main Search Box.

    Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 98.png


    2. Search for something within a Place:

    If you know something is saved in a specific place, you can limit your search to just that place. First, go to the desired place. In this example, I clicked on the "Connexion" space. Next, type your keyword into the Main Search Box and select Show Only Results for [X Place].




    3. Search for someone's content:

    If you know someone authored a document or participated in a discussion but you can't remember any keywords from the discussion, go to the person's profile and look at their Content tab.



    From there, browse content they have Authored, Participated and are Following. Continue to filter content by clicking on the content type tabs.



    4. Browse and filter using the Content, People, Places Menu:

    Click a subject to browse from the top navigation: Content, People, or Places.


    Once you get there, use the left navigation to refine the results by how they relate to you. With Content, People, and Places browsing, you have several sorting, filtering, and keyword search options, including things like sort by date, filter by tags, or search specific text, which all help you find what you need as quickly as possible.


    5. Bookmark and easily find useful content:

    You can bookmark any piece of content by clicking the Bookmark button in the upper righthand corner of the content piece:




    You can also quickly view your bookmarks, as well as recently viewed content from the Main Search Box:




    Have additional questions about Browsing People, Places, and Content in the ThingWorx Community? Leave a comment below.