ThingWorx - Version 7.0 Release Notes

    The following enhancements and bug fixes have been made in ThingWorx 7.0:




    • Platform-settings.json now contains all persistence provider configuration options that were previously located in modelproviderconfig.json. See Platform Settings for more information.
    • Added the directories parameter to the CreateZipArchive service that allows a set of multiple directories or directory to be zipped. This can be useful for exporting data from a file repository that needs to be zipped before downloading.


    Bug Fixes


    Related JIRA
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing the GetInstancePropertyDefinitions service from returning properties created using the AddPropertyDefinition service until the server was restarted.
    • Enhanced XSS security in SQUEAL.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing a deadlock when local properties were updated within remote property writes via the DataChange event.
    • Fixed the RemoveAllRows() code snippet in Composer so that it inserts the correct snippet.
    • Fixed an issue that wasn’t displaying additional property information for things, thing templates, thing shapes, and data shapes in the list view.
    • Fixed an issue that wasn’t allowing instance permissions that were set on a thing template to get inherited by the thing based on the thing template.
    • Fixed an issue when data was imported that didn’t allow a message to be displayed on the UI after a successful import.
    • Fixed the following issue with static subscriptions after restarting a timer thing: when subscribing with a static subscription to a timer event on a timer from another thing, the subscription was no longer triggered.
    • Fixed an issue where ESAPI was logging an unwanted system out when a HTTP request contained a header or parameter that was not defined in the file.
    • Fixed an issue with value streams that was causing errors to be thrown after a Tomcat restart.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing buttons on the configure bindings UI not to display in Internet Explorer 11.
    • Removed the requirement for the DerivedFields service to have spaces between commas with more than one expression.
    • Fixed a dependency issue that was causing ThingWorx to crash when an extension that contained a class inherited from itself was imported.
    • Fixed an issue that was not allowing properties to be created on thing shapes before saving.
    • Improved permission performance for non-admin users.
    • Fixed an issue that wasn’t updating local property bindings between things when the remote thing was restarted.
    • Fixed the GetRunTimePermissions infotable to return resourceName instead of permissionName.
    • Fixed the VTQ on user property definitions so that the lastUpdateTime value is persisted.
    • Changed the base type of the appKey setting in the connectionserver-settings.json file for the Connection Server from PASSWORD to STRING.   
      appKey": {
         "description":"Application key",
         "aspects": {


    Related JIRA
    • Fixed an issue where the delete properties dialog wouldn’t render large enough for entities with numerous properties, causing the Yes and No buttons on the UI to get cut off.
    • Fixed an issue that was allowing extensions that were marked with isSystemObject as true to be edited but not saved. The fixed behavior is as follows:
      • The edit button will not show for system objects or extension loaded objects that do not have their respected Editable flag set.
      • From the entity list, the edit link is not present.
      • Permission setting is still valid on these objects.
    • Fixed an issue that wasn’t allowing locally bound properties to be edited in Composer.


    Related JIRA
    • Added the PostDateFormat and DisplayEditDate properties to blog widgets to allow for specifying the date (creation date or revision date) that displays.
    • Fixed an issue with the blog widget that was preventing files to get uploaded in blog posts.
    • Added the ability to localize the TitleBarText property in a gadget mashup.
    • Fixed an issue with the text box widget that was not displaying its label when it was in a static tab within a contained mashup.
    • Fixed an issue with the data filter widget that was causing the Add Filter popup to open outside the viewable area of a mashup.
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Map button on the data filter widget from displaying.
    • Fixed an issue with the repeater widget that was causing scroll bars to display within panels in Chrome.
    • Fixed an issue with the repeater widget that was preventing a selected row from being modified when the number of rows dynamically changed.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing vertical menu layouts to push their submenus off the screen.
    • Fixed an issue that was causing incorrect submenu icon sizing.
    • Added the TabSequenceGroup property to the contained mashup widget to allow for a starting tab index for all widgets within the container.
    • Removed binding aspect from FIELDNAME properties in all chart widgets.
    • Fixed an issue with the button, checkbox, link, and navigation widgets that was causing tooltips to remain displayed after a new page was loaded.
    • Fixed an issue that wasn’t allowing mashups to reload on iOS devices.


    Related JIRA
    • Added the following Extension SDK annotations to the ApplicationKey service methods:
      • ApplicationKey.SetExpirationDate
      • ApplicationKey.ResetExpirationDateToDefault()
      • ApplicationKey.GetExpirationDate()
      • ApplicationKey.IsExpired()
    • Fixed an issue with the Eclipse Plugin that was causing a newly created service with one or more parameters to render the base type according to its friendly name instead of the upper case name.