Axeda Scripto Editor

    Scripto Editor is an enhanced Groovy Script Editor that allows the developer to compile and test uploaded Groovy Scripts on the fly.  Please note that Scripto Editor is not a replacement for an IDE and should be used mainly for debugging Groovy Scripts.


    1. Download the Javascript Scripto Editor archive attached to this post.
    2. Install the archive as a custom app
      - Log into the Axeda Platform
      - Navigate to Administration > More Links -> Extended Applications
      - Click Browse and select the file downloaded in step 1.
      - Set the URL as "ScriptoEditor"
      - Set the Default Index as ScriptoEditor.html
      - Set Dsplay Mode as Standalone
      - Optionally enter a Description, such as Scripto Editor for Groovy Objects
      - Click Upload
    3. Open Scripto Editor by navigating to
    4. Log in using your Axeda Platform credentials
    5. Double click any previously uploaded Groovy Script in the list to open
    6. Add or edit parameters in the Properties sidebar
    7. Test the script by clicking the Test tab in the sidebar and clicking "Run Test"
    8. Results will appear in the console at the bottom of the screen
    9. Save the Groovy Script by clicking "Save"Note: if the session expires before you have finished editing, the application will alert you with a pop up "Http Request Error".  You will be unable to save your changes - at this point it is recommended to open a new tab and copy over your changes back into Scripto Editor.  For this reason, Scripto Editor is not a replacement for an IDE and should be used sparingly for on-the-fly debugging.Additionally, any changes made in Scripto Editor will need to be manually copied back into the local development source code.

    WARNING: Scripto Editor has a 1000 line code limit.  If your custom objects are longer than this, Scripto Editor will truncate them when saving!!